Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Reduction Print

Spent all day yesterday working on color separations for my new reduction lino I am planning.  It is a dragon seahorse which I saw at the Newport Aquarium last year.  With this print I hope to be printing multiple colors in one day and am struggling now with the order to print them.  I have learned that to get a bright yellow you need to print that first and I have an orange that I think needs to be next.  But then I want a pale green and pale blue and have learned that over yellow a pale blue makes a pale green.  If I were just going on the values, the pale blue and green would be first then the yellow and then the orange.  Hmmmmph.  This will be interesting.  I am going to try to not have any expectations on what the colors really have to be.  Let's see what we get!

Registration Extension
The Phoenix Center for the Arts has extended the registration deadline for classes starting later in the summer.  So there is still time to register for my 6 week Solarplate Class which begins July 12th and the 8 week Reduction Linocut Class which starts June 30th.  Call 602 262-4627 to join in the fun!

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  1. Leafy sea dragons are my favorite! We saw them at the Monterey Aquarium in November and they're on my list for prints, too. One of these days.....

    Can't wait to see how yours unfolds!


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