Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Something Fishy"

Well, here it is.  Finished up today so I can fly off to Cincinnati tomorrow with a clear plate.  Going to visit my Dad!  I tried using a new product on this image, not linoleum but gomuban from McClain's.  I really liked how easy it was to cut and it held fine lines great.  I also made one mistake in cutting and was able to Elmer's Glue it back in place.  It went by quickly which just encourages me to do it again.  I have two more in the pipeline, of more sea creatures.  Watch this space, as they say.
It has been a mild spring and the front patio is blooming all sorts of beautiful flowers.  It is wonderful to come home to this after an exhausting day in the studio...Life is good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whirl Winds Blowin'

Lots going on the past few days:

Janet Towbin is now adjunct professor at ASU and will teach Relief Printmaking.  Yay, Janet.  Your students will be lucky to get you.  I can't wait to see what she cooks up for them.

My sister is headed to London today for several days before hooking up with 7 lucky students on her fabulous tour of Paris, Bordeaux, and Bergerac for 10 days.  It will be the trip of a lifetime for all concerned.  Let's hope that volcano behaves itself for the next month or so!


We spent another day filled with stencils under inked mat board, yesterday.  We played with different types of paper and thicknesses of board and stencils and printed on both sides...We discovered you can print just about anything under the mat board plate (see process in my last blog update.)  I have to remember to schedule more play dates.  I totally give up all control for an anticipated outcome and just try to "see what happens."


I am teaching a two-day reduction linocut workshop in Reno next month.  I have been a little worried about how much can be covered in just two days, so today I did a test of the process I intend to show.  I have never tried to print more than one color in one day but today I printed 3 colors!  I amazed myself.  I would have never considered doing such a thing if I hadn't been a follower of Sherrie York and other relief printmakers.  So many times, I just do it the way I do it, without thinking of trying it another way.  I LOVE reading about other artists' processes.  Have you noticed how open and sharing printmakers are?  Anyway, I still have one more color to go on these little fish.  The finished print size will be 6" x 8".  If you would like to learn this process, I am teaching it in a workshop this summer at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.  Classes are 8 weeks, Wednesdays from 1 to 4 starting June 30th and costs $160.  Call 602 262-4627 to register.  Registration ends May 31st.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Print Play and Lunch Dates

It has been a fun week.  Diana and I had a playdate in studio Monday.  I had attended the Monika Meler demo in Philadelphia on alternative relief processes and wanted to try it out myself.  So for several hours we each cut out a stencil from mat board.  Very labor intensive.  We inked up a second piece of matboard and placed it over the cutout stencil.  Then placed hosho paper over it, with one blanket, and ran it through the press.  Interesting results.  Totally fun and often unexpected, how just rotating the placement of the stencil nets differing results, without even re-inking the plate (mat board).  Now I am driven to cut more stencils.  I certainly need to build up the strength in my hands, as it is hard work.  Diana and I will be back for another play date this Monday.  Can't wait to mix it up again.  To see the very same demo I saw in Philadelphia at the Tyler School, click here and scroll all the way to the last item.

This week happened to bring two lunch dates, with two of my favorite artists, Janet Towbin and David Manje.  Marlys and I met up with Janet at Wally's Pub.  I am so glad that Janet and I have re-connected.  We went to college together in Cincinnati and hadn't seen each other for over 30 years when art brought us back in touch again, here in Phoenix.  She is an amazing printmaker and a fabulous photographer as seen here on flickr. 

We joked about being ladies of leisure, having lunch out a second time in three days, when  Marlys and Diana and I had lunch at Rosa's in Mesa with my first major printmaking teacher, David Manje.   Not only is he a great teacher but his heart is so big and open.  He was full of life and love and reassurance.  I am grateful to have him in my life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Friday, May 2010

We had a great turnout for last night's First Friday event.  Several new artists were showing work and it was fun getting to meet them and commiserate about artist life.  (Ok, so we also talked about friends and family...the universal language.)  It was especially fun to get to know Sandra Ferris Goldin, who painted the beautiful black and white paintings hanging over the table. Nicolai Sinu's Japanese style watercolors are powerful and delicate...I really enjoyed meeting him. Joan Yen is a fan of his work too and stopped by to show support.

I was happy to see my old buddy John Siefert, from my other life as a City of Phoenix employee for 23 years.  I retired in 2002 when times were good.  It is hard to see what the economy has done to our City and to the good folks who still try to provide the services we need.

Saturday was lightly attended.  It was nice hanging out with Larry and Ellie and Andrea Rusing.  I will miss seeing them monthly over the summer but hope to be well occupied teaching Solarplate Etching and Reduction Linocut at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.
Registration is open until 5/31.  Click here for more information.