Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Friday, May 2010

We had a great turnout for last night's First Friday event.  Several new artists were showing work and it was fun getting to meet them and commiserate about artist life.  (Ok, so we also talked about friends and family...the universal language.)  It was especially fun to get to know Sandra Ferris Goldin, who painted the beautiful black and white paintings hanging over the table. Nicolai Sinu's Japanese style watercolors are powerful and delicate...I really enjoyed meeting him. Joan Yen is a fan of his work too and stopped by to show support.

I was happy to see my old buddy John Siefert, from my other life as a City of Phoenix employee for 23 years.  I retired in 2002 when times were good.  It is hard to see what the economy has done to our City and to the good folks who still try to provide the services we need.

Saturday was lightly attended.  It was nice hanging out with Larry and Ellie and Andrea Rusing.  I will miss seeing them monthly over the summer but hope to be well occupied teaching Solarplate Etching and Reduction Linocut at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.
Registration is open until 5/31.  Click here for more information.


  1. Looks like a nice evening. The photo of you and your friend John brought a big infectious grin to my face. Thanks for that on a gray New England day.

  2. Thanks, Annie! I am pretty much solar powered having lived in AZ for 32 years. Don't think I could handle long periods of dreary weather anymore, like February in Cincinnati where I grew up.


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