Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Class Opportunities

I started taking life drawing classes in the nineties at the Phoenix Center.  I met Marlys Kubicek there and together we started taking printmaking classes from David Manje at the Mesa Arts Center.  That is where I discovered I was a printmaker.  For the past several years I have been the Department Head for Printmaking at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.  I love teaching in the community education setting and sharing printmaking with those who never made art before - or since high school.  We also provide a place for experienced printmakers to brush up on techniques and/or come to play.

I am getting settled in at the Thunderbird Arts Center (1106 E. Grovers), which is still the Phoenix Center, only in the north valley.  It's a comfortable space and the residents in the area (and beyond) have really supported my classes.  But printmaking opportunties are always limited to the few locations with etching presses (or letterpresses) so when Agustin Vargas asked me if I was interested in teaching workshops at the Mesa Arts Center, I was happy to accept.

Both facilities have open registration right now.  The links for both are below.

Fall offerings at Thunderbird include Solarplate Etching, Monotype and Carve, Cut and Color (relief) with a couple classes in November for those who want to create gifts/cards for the holidays.

Fall workshops at the Mesa Arts Center are a one day, 6 hour Solarplate Etching workshop in September and a 3 day Two Color Reduction Relief workshop in October.

Mesa's website can be confusing.  Click on Adult, Workshops, and Graphic Arts to find my classes.

Class sizes for both locations are small, just 6 at Thunderbird and 7 at Mesa.  So sign up soon if see a class you'd like to take.