Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ten By Ten

I have finally started a new reduction relief print. The new print will be 11 colors.  I tried to get it down to 10 but felt I needed that one more color. I am one of those printmakers who decide it all in advance and do all my color separations on paper before I begin cutting.  The project is to be a commemorative piece to honor the 10 year anniversary of the Arizona Print Group.  The print dimensions are to be 10 x 10 inches in an edition of 3.  Two will be assembled into books for showing potential galleries the type and quality of our work.  One will be used for exhibition purposes.  My plan is to make two small editions from the same plates, varying perhaps the color of the swimsuit...?  I am printing one set on kozo and one set on Rives BFK.  The image here on kozo will be a bleed print and not for the book.
The second color went down yesterday.  Here it is shown on Rives.  My lighting was terrible and my battery almost dead so the color isn't great on these.  The kozo is a bright white paper and the colors are actually brighter and different than the ones on the creamier Rives.  It looks the opposite in the photos but that's just my bad lighting.  

This project is due January 10th and I am going away for a week.  Then I will be having a very special house guest January 5th so I am running out of time...and in my hurry I cut away an essential part of the face.  I have to admit I have never made such a bad mistake.  I have a couple options in mind to salvage my print but in the meantime I have let it go for now.  Breathe deep and enjoy Christmas.  I am confidant I will save it in the end and I will share with you how it goes.

Thank you for following my blogposts and commenting as you have.  It is another layer of support and nurturing of artists to artists that is inspiring and fun and loving.  

Happy holidays to you and safe travels.