Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Print/Register this Saturday for Summer Classes

I finally finished the edition for the print exchange.  Shipped them off today. I have never done so much pre-printing before and feel I learned a lot about getting to the image in my head.  It surprised me a little, how hard it was, but I am really glad it worked out the way it did.  This is my 12th print exchange.  I accept invitations to be in them, or ask to be in them, because of who the organizer is - someone I respect or would like to work with; or because of the subject matter.   I consider how much time I have to create a piece...because I can't just knock off a simple print.  Four or five color linocuts are more the norm.  I have committed to another PE due in November, Your Days Are Numbered, and I already know what my image will be and that it will be a reduction linocut.

This piece would not have been completed so easily on time without the assistance of my friend, Diana Hartley.  It would have taken me 3 times longer without her help.

I haven't quite mastered the blog world and how to set stuff up exactly as I would like - yet.  But there is a blog I hold up as my model.  Sherrie York is a very talented Colorado printmaker who does amazing drawings from nature.  She writes so well, interesting mixes of "this is the print I am working on" and "this is happening in my life" and general philosophy or instruction.  I have never met her but feel like she's living an honorable life and her blogging about it inspires me.  Here is a link to it, called Brush and Baren.

Another blog I love is written by Sharon Anderson, a San Francisco artist who has branched out from painting to art management services.  Her blog, Create Your Time, has a Friday feature she recently started where she asks working artists how they make time to actually create art.  The first artist is my favorite, my sister Nancy Willis.  Here is a link to her Time to Create feature in Create Your Time.

I am teaching my first solo classes at the Phoenix Center for the Arts this summer.  Registration opens Saturday May 1st at 10:30 am.  Here is  link the online registration page.  Put in May 1, 2010 and 31 Dec 2010 in the date range and use the keyword Printmaking.  You will see the details for my 6 week Solarplate Etching class which starts 7/13 and my 8 week Reduction Linocut class which starts 6/30.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

In the Studio

I have been working in the studio everyday the past week.  I have a print exchange due May 1st.  It is titled "From All Directions" and the paper size is to be 8" x 20".   After I finished my taxes last week I started to concentrate on finalizing my concept.  Then I started drawing and cutting stencils and more drawing.  I tore my paper, I transferred my image to linoleum.  But I still wasn't sure what my final image would be.  Normally I do reduction linocuts and once I am at the drawing stage, it is pretty much decided.  But I am trying something different.  I am trying to show depth of field using uncut linoleum as a monotype plate and cut linoleum.  Here's a peek at my first effort.  I don't like the white line around the figure so I pulled a ghost and like that better.  So for the past few days I have been playing with the lightness and darkness of the background and the figure/fish.  Yesterday I carved the linoleum.  I think I have hit on my layout and my process.  I will be printing in 3 pulls.  Tomorrow I will still work out the colors.  I am happy with greys and dark blues but I want to see what it will look like with noticeable blues.  And maybe greens.  Such a dilemma.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

DIM SUM/Collaborations

Joan Jue Yen invited 4 artists to join her in applying for an exhibition at the Cathedral Center for the Arts.  In celebration of being accepted for an exhibition in November 2010, Joan brought us together today for a 3.5 hour get-to-know-you session over Dim Sum at the Golden Buddha.  It was wonderful to meet Annie Lopez, whose cyanotypes I have admired for many years; Mitra Kamali, a former petroleum engineer who now does what she loves - life sized figurative paintings and Michelle Peacock who was born in Zimbabwe and now teaches art at Sahuaro High School.  Our diversity was noted and enjoyed  We talked about how we met our common bond, Joan.  We talked about families and jobs, a little about the men in our lives but mostly we talked about art.  It was easy and comfortable and I couldn't have appreciated the connection with these women more.  Thank you, Joan, for including me in this creative circle.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

ASU Visit/Visiting Artist

When we ran into Mary Hood at SGC last week she invited us to visit ASU while Annette Olsen Caspeller, an artist from Copenhagen, was in town to work with Mary for the week. So Thursday Marlys, Janet and I took her up on her offer. I had never been to the ASU Art Building before and enjoyed seeing how everything was set up. We talked to Annette while she was printing a large reduction linocut and learned she was printing a variable edition, which was new for her. She was varying the ink on two of the 3 or 4 colors she had planned to print. On the first runs she printed the lightest color in gray and then added a little blue until the last which was all blue. Then on her third color she varied the brown to a purple color. I love that the printmaking teacher, Mary, (shown here on right with another student) was teaching Annette to "break the rules" and mix it up.