Saturday, April 10, 2010

DIM SUM/Collaborations

Joan Jue Yen invited 4 artists to join her in applying for an exhibition at the Cathedral Center for the Arts.  In celebration of being accepted for an exhibition in November 2010, Joan brought us together today for a 3.5 hour get-to-know-you session over Dim Sum at the Golden Buddha.  It was wonderful to meet Annie Lopez, whose cyanotypes I have admired for many years; Mitra Kamali, a former petroleum engineer who now does what she loves - life sized figurative paintings and Michelle Peacock who was born in Zimbabwe and now teaches art at Sahuaro High School.  Our diversity was noted and enjoyed  We talked about how we met our common bond, Joan.  We talked about families and jobs, a little about the men in our lives but mostly we talked about art.  It was easy and comfortable and I couldn't have appreciated the connection with these women more.  Thank you, Joan, for including me in this creative circle.

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  1. Wendy, I just wanted to say you look fantastic in this picture! Glad you had the chance to get together with other artists and discuss your favorite subject. :) Sounds like fun!


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