Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Detours - ART and Otherwise

I want to share news of my art being shown in Phoenix...some at 515 Arts and some at the Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix.  Both events are part of the annual ART DETOUR where artists open their studios or fill traditional and non-traditional spaces with art for the weekend.  This weekend, March 16-18th will be rocking with art downtown.  I will be at 515 Arts at 515 E. Roosevelt all afternoon on Saturday.  Stop by and see what all 515 Artists are showing.
The Arizona Print Group will be showing framed and unframed work at the Arizona Center, Friday night, Saturday till 5 and Sunday till 5.  I plan to be there Sunday.  The Arizona Center is bounded by Van Buren on the South, Fillmore on the North, 5th Street on the East, and 3rd Street on the West. Free Parking thoughout the weekend of the Art Detour.
We have a contract on our house.  The inspection is Friday.  If all goes well, we will close April 26th.  Of course, we haven't done much house hunting but it is starting for real now.  We may have to put our belongings in storage if we don't find the right house soon enough, but I am trying to keep an open heart so that whatever happens, it will be the right thing.
My 6 day trip to visit my 96-year-old Dad has turned into 33 days.  It has been a difficult, stressful and wonderful experience.  He fell the day after I got to Cincinnati.  After 10 days in the hospital, he chose to go into hospice. My brother (North Carolina) and sister (California) have come and together we are seeing Dad off to meet Mom.  We are spending time with Dad as we can, going back to our respective homes and returning as needed.  This last time with Dad is precious.  He laughs everyday.  He appreciates all his visitors who come. They pay tribute to the man he is and friend he has been.  Everyday has been a blessing, especially this past week.  But for me, after 33 days, I need to come home to Phoenix.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be very hard, to leave before my Dad.  Praying for a gentle passage.