Saturday, October 3, 2015

Artwork in Progress/Phoenix Magazine Blogpost



It is such a luxury to have your reduction relief printed for you. Brent Bond at Santo Press is a joy to work with. I love the Mesa Arts Center - it's where I learned I was a printmaker! - and I'm grateful for their facilities and galleries. So supporting their annual fundraising effort is important to me. Each year artists donate prints to be included in the MAC calendar. A buyer can get 12 original fine art prints for $200. Such a deal! But carving out the time (a little printmaker pun) to print 50 2 color reductions, just isn't available to me right now. So with much gratitude, Brent printed the first color of my print yesterday.  This photo is a test proof, not the final color but close.


Deborah Lewis freelanced a blogpost for Phoenix Magazine about family art collecting.  It is a wonderful idea and I encourage one and all to start with their kids today.  Most artists welcome inquiries about their art, process and prices from those who are sincere in their interest.  Artists I know like to give small prints as baby presents so the baby owns original art from the get go.  Birthdays are perfect opportunity to grow a collection.  Let me know if you have any questions about my work.  My email is listed on my Facebook badge on the right column of this blog.  Or make a comment with your contact info and I will reach out to you. Here is a link to the Phoenix Magazine post

Friday, July 31, 2015

Register now for Fall Printmaking Classes

My summer classes are over and the schedule for Spring 2016 is due Monday.(!!!) I don't have any classes until September 1st so I plan to spend the month artmaking and refilling my creative well.  I have enjoyed and learned from all the students I had this summer and appreciate each and everyone.  I am hoping to add some new students to the fall roster so if you have a friend who always wanted to try an art class or printmaking in particular, then send them my way!


There is one 6 weeks section for What a Relief in the afternoon and Reduction Relief in the evening.

Come explore the new solarplates and see what magic you can create in intaglio or relief!  Play with inking "a la poupee" as in the wagon print below, or learn chine colle,..  Classes are afternoon or evening for 5 weeks.  Classes start September 1st with a second section starting October 13th.  

This medium also works great for artists who can draw...create editions of a single drawing.


Mix things up with a weekend Monotype class November 14 and 15.  No experience required.

With the holidays approaching I have scheduled opportunities to print or make art to give as gifts.  Check out the schedule and register at this link.  Click on the Printmaking tab to see class details.

Have a great August everyone!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Transitions and Traditions

It's been a long time since I posted.  As I noted in my last post in January, we have transitioned the Printmaking classes from their Phoenix Center home campus at 3rd Street and Moreland to the Xico, Inc facility at 1008 E. Buckeye Road.  I am not sure why but enrollment is off and it has been a bit disappointing.  I am hoping that as the word gets out that the space is great and it isn't that far away, that things will pickup.  One of the classes that has succeeded is the Wednesday afternoon Solarplate class and we are experimenting with new timings and new ways to print and ink the plates.  Joyce printed a relief/etching combo with two colors that we all loved!
Then Paulette inked ala poupee a print of Tony in South Africa.  It is so fun and exciting to see people drawing and experimenting with the diverse possibililties that solarplate allows.

The clearly most positive outcome of the move to a new facility was I was able to bring my Takach press home.  After much reorganization and with many thanks to Diana Hartley for her assistance,  I am thrilled with my luxurious home studio.

So in this cozy space I am now working on a new body of work to be presented in my next show at Five15 Arts Gallery in May 2016.  It feels good to have a year to prepare and time to experiment and learn new processes.  My printmaking buds and I will be experimenting with screen printing, diffused relief and with a stencil cutting machine.  So many exciting experiences to come and in my own home studio makes it all pretty perfect.  LIfe is good. 
Besides the work on my new show, I will be taking my third summer printmaking class at Glendale Community College for fun, community and feedback. I'm looking forward to working on projects that will also expand my printmaking vocabulary.  

Steve and I are heading to San Diego for our traditional anniversary trip and visits with the best California friends a person could want.  Also in June my brother, Jeff, is coming for a visit from North Carolina.  While his artistic pursuit is mostly musical, he will end up a pretty good printmaker too while he's in my clutches, er, care.

 If you would like to try a printmaking class, check out the offerings at or give me a call.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Phoenix Center Classes at Xico

We are all moved in.  It still will take some time to really settle in but the space is beautiful, storage is adequate and there is lots of room!  There is currently space available in the What a Relief weekend workshop next weekend - January 24 and 25.  This class was selected as one of the 10 Cool Art Classes in Metro Phoenix by New Times/Jackalope Ranch.  See the articles here.
New classes are starting in February:

What a Relief! - 4 weeks on Wednesdays, 6-9pm, Feb 4 - 25
Painterly Monotype - Feb 21 & 22
2-Color Reduction Relief - 4 wks on Thursdays, 10-2pm, Feb 5-26

Collagraph with Marlys Kubicek - 3 weeks, Mondays, Feb 23- Mar 9 10-3:30pm

To register for classes click here. Then click on the Printmaking tab to see the classes offered.  Remember all printmaking classes are located at 1008 E. Buckeye Road, at Xico, Inc.   Take 7th Street south of the Diamondbacks ballpark two traffic signals and turn left.  Look for the yellow painted building on the left.  Second floor.
View from Xico patio

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Printmaking classes at the Phoenix Center of the Arts are moving to a new facility, operated by Xico, Inc. a community arts organization located at 1008 E. Buckeye Road.  This is about 2 miles/6 minutes south and east of the Phoenix Center. (Take 7th Street south, past the ballpark, 2 traffic signals and turn left).  The building pictured is the destination - the yellow space shown is my classroom!  New, lots of windows, light and space AND a 30 x 60 inch Takach press!
Plus there is a great view of downtown Phoenix. 

The move is effective in January - the Wednesday night What a Relief! class on the 7th will be the very first Phoenix Center class at Xico!  The registration process will remain the same - online here or in person at the Main Phoenix Center at 3rd Street and Moreland.  The only change is the location of the classes.
Classes offered in this first semester include Relief, Reduction Relief, Monotype, Collagraph and some limited Open Studio sessions.  Check out the schedule online for more details.  Classes are small so register soon to assure a space in this beautiful new facility!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

2014 End of Year Activities

This year seems to be flying by.  My classes are almost over for the year, and the Phoenix Festival of the Arts is looming!  My favorite, okay my only, sister came to town this month and put on an inspirational workshop "Love and the Hand-Pulled Print".  I might have to bring her back to teach for us again!


As classes were winding down, I completed a 5-color reduction relief print/collage that I made for a themed project for the Arizona Print Group (of which I am a member).  The theme is "Mythical Creatures" so I created a piece about the "Kurma" - the story of a turtle who saved an Indian Prince from drowning in the ocean. 
Click on this link to see all the details:  Festival I am sharing a booth with Michelle Terry Helmick and we will be next door to Marlys Kubicek and Donna Atwood.  If you are looking for a small and inexpensive, original piece of art to give as a holiday gift, then our booths are the place to be.
Phoenix Festival of Arts
Hance Park (between the Phoenix Center for the Arts and the Central Library)
Friday December 14th - Noon to 8:00pm
Saturday December 15th - 10:00 am to 8:00pm
Sunday December 15th - 10 am to 5:00pm

Printmaking classes start January 7th. There are weekday, evening and weekend workshop.  I will be teaching several Relief and/or Reduction Relief sessions, Introduction to Monotype and Painterly Monotype and Collagraphs with Marlys Kubicek.  Solarplates are available now but I haven't had time to learn the new plate technical specifications yet.  When I do, I will schedule some new Solarplate Etching classes.  You may register here for classes now:  PCA.
In the meantime there is a nice little "Politics and Printmaking" exhibition ongoing at the Phoenix Center for the Arts Gallery through December.  Stop in and check it out. Here is a sample:
Also I have 10 prints on display at the airport in Terminal 4 - Level 3.  The 6 in the display case are on view until February 15th and the 4 in the Gallery until April 18th.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.  Be careful out there. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Moving On

The exhibition has closed and we are furiously working on new work for our next two-person show in February.  I am showing all the work I had in this show because I am proud of it and I enjoyed making it.  So much so that I will continue to pursue more fish related prints.  There is something about the beautiful ugly creatures who live below the surface...hmm sounds like a metaphor in the making. 
Thanks to everyone who supported Marlys and me by coming to see the show.  Your presence is gratefully appreciated.
As I reported in an earlier post, my work was selected to represent "Climate" in the 7 C's exhibition at Sky Harbor Airport.  It has been fun hearing from people who happened to see it, not knowing it was there.  Here is a photo of my display case.
If you want to see more display cases, here is a drop box the Airport put together: