Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve at Contemporary Arts Center

 My sister, Nancy, my husband and I carved out a quick visit to the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati this morning.  I most enjoyed the paintings, photographs and video of Marilyn Minter in her "Chewing Color" exhibition.  The paintings of enamel on metal were large and had amazing detail, greats colors - my favorite was the extreme closeup of a woman blowing a bubble gum bubble.  We also saw an exhibition called "Purchase Not By Moonlight" by Albanian artist Anri Sala.  He had one film in which he was drumming while a woman tried to get him to "Answer Me!"  The rhythm was catching and real drumsticks on real drums would vibrate nearby.  Very interesting. 

After cruising the gift shop we stopped by the ice rink on Fountain Square to watch the daredevil kids and the awkward adults.  We passed the horse drawn carriages in front of the hotel all lined up in their finery.

It is midnight here in Cincinnati.  Merry Christmas, World!  Peace on Earth.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Close Call in Sunny Phoenix

 Saw this link on Facebook from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art:
Alert all the printmakers you know to put it on their calendars!  118 works!  This should be wonderful! 


Beautiful weather today and sunny inside the gallery too as several friends dropped by who missed our opening weekend.   It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.  Kimberly, Mark and I had some new work to show and Larry brought in two of Greg West's paintings for display.  We appreciate all your support and hope you will come back to see what's new on a regular basis.    Tell your friends.  Another Gallery is a special place and small businesses are precious resources to be nurtured and encouraged.  So thank you again - see you next YEAR!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Monotypes and AKUA Ink


For some reason this year I found myself with all my Christmas presents wrapped and mailed off two weeks early.  This gave me 4 unexpected days to play with monotypes in the studio.

After the controlled process of reduction linocut, it felt freeing to break out the ink and brushes and plexi plates.  I had done a little 4" x 4" monotype a couple years ago of a friend's little boy (with oil based ink) and it just made everyone smile.  So in that small format I printed a half dozen experiments using AKUA Intaglio and AKUA Color inks.

 I like how the ink doesn't dry on your palette from day to day.  Like magic, it dries when applied to the correct paper, in my case, Arches 88.   But seeing the images here, the colors just aren't as bright.  My techniques are not the same and I applied too much ink to both of the new ones, but I am learning. 


If you would like to see these 7 new prints up close and personal, stop by Another Gallery tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 to 5.  I will be happy to explain the process further if you are interested.  The address in Phoenix is 3806 N. Third Street.  There is plenty of parking and refreshments will be served!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2010 Whitney Biennial

The artists were announced for the Whitney Biennial.  Here's a link to the Art Forum article with a list of names.
I didn't recognize any of the names but my hope is there are multiple printmakers on the list.  Do you know of any?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grand Opening Part II

The crowd estimate from last night was over 200 people.  Today was a good deal quieter, which allowed us to spend more time talking with those who came.  Representing the artists,  Kimberly Harris and I were there most of the day and Mark McDowell stopped in for awhile too.   Kimberly spent some time back in the studio working with clay which ended up on its way to being a beautiful ceramic dish.

The space still looks great in the light of day and we all enjoyed the glow of positive comments and great conversations over the two day event.  Larry Forsythe (in photo with me) and Lesa Mahoney (in photo with my husband, Steve) were wonderful hosts and should be very proud of themselves for what they have accomplished with Another Gallery.  I am thrilled to be one of their artists.  

Thank you, again, to all who came.  We are available by appointment on days when the gallery isn't open so you don't have to wait until the 3rd Saturday to get that piece you can't get out of your mind.   I hope to put more photos up on my Flickr site tomorrow so to see the who's who in gallery attendance, check it out!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Grand Opening

 Larry and Lesa sure know how to throw an Opening Night party!  The gallery looked fabulous.  I had taken my work in three weeks ago and hadn't really seen the other artists' work.  So it was great to see the place all decked out and full of art!  It was also nice to meet the other artists.  Larry, the gallery owner, has lined up 3 established and 3 emerging artists.

I am in the latter group.   I changed out 4 prints at 4:30 this afternoon so that I could show my last 4 reduction linocuts.  I am displaying the 7 pieces shown here and two others.  Unframed prints are available of the reduction linocuts shown framed.


Really nice guy and intriquing images on glass.  Lots of people were asking him questions.  If you too want to learn more about his process, come on by Saturday.


A guy commented to me that if he had one of her sculptures at home, it would make him smile everyday.  Isn't it wonderful when someone connects to art this way?  I had never met Kimberly before but learned tonight we had friends in common.  The world gets smaller everyday.  Here is photo of her works on paper.


The established artists were all in attendance tonight.  Steve especially loved Michael's sculptures.  I enjoyed Mark talk about how much he loves printmaking even though he paints most often.  He had a couple of etchings there tonight.  I hope he always offers some of his prints.  Us printmakers have to stick together!  I wish Greg West had paintings to offer at the gallery because they are so beautiful.  It seems though that his giclees are what can be seen here.

In this photo you see a Greg West giclee with a Kimberly Harris sculpture on the pedestal in front of it.  The other work is by Mark McDowell.

I want to thank my friends and collectors who stopped by tonight.  It was a special night for me and I appreciate your support and encouragement.

I will be there tomorrow, Saturday Dec 5th from 10 am to 6 pm.   I hope those who didn't make it tonight will stop in.  There is plenty of parking and food and beverages will be provided.