Friday, December 18, 2009

Monotypes and AKUA Ink


For some reason this year I found myself with all my Christmas presents wrapped and mailed off two weeks early.  This gave me 4 unexpected days to play with monotypes in the studio.

After the controlled process of reduction linocut, it felt freeing to break out the ink and brushes and plexi plates.  I had done a little 4" x 4" monotype a couple years ago of a friend's little boy (with oil based ink) and it just made everyone smile.  So in that small format I printed a half dozen experiments using AKUA Intaglio and AKUA Color inks.

 I like how the ink doesn't dry on your palette from day to day.  Like magic, it dries when applied to the correct paper, in my case, Arches 88.   But seeing the images here, the colors just aren't as bright.  My techniques are not the same and I applied too much ink to both of the new ones, but I am learning. 


If you would like to see these 7 new prints up close and personal, stop by Another Gallery tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 to 5.  I will be happy to explain the process further if you are interested.  The address in Phoenix is 3806 N. Third Street.  There is plenty of parking and refreshments will be served!

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