Friday, July 31, 2015

Register now for Fall Printmaking Classes

My summer classes are over and the schedule for Spring 2016 is due Monday.(!!!) I don't have any classes until September 1st so I plan to spend the month artmaking and refilling my creative well.  I have enjoyed and learned from all the students I had this summer and appreciate each and everyone.  I am hoping to add some new students to the fall roster so if you have a friend who always wanted to try an art class or printmaking in particular, then send them my way!


There is one 6 weeks section for What a Relief in the afternoon and Reduction Relief in the evening.

Come explore the new solarplates and see what magic you can create in intaglio or relief!  Play with inking "a la poupee" as in the wagon print below, or learn chine colle,..  Classes are afternoon or evening for 5 weeks.  Classes start September 1st with a second section starting October 13th.  

This medium also works great for artists who can draw...create editions of a single drawing.


Mix things up with a weekend Monotype class November 14 and 15.  No experience required.

With the holidays approaching I have scheduled opportunities to print or make art to give as gifts.  Check out the schedule and register at this link.  Click on the Printmaking tab to see class details.

Have a great August everyone!