Sunday, October 6, 2013

FAMILY MATTERS at Five15 Arts Gallery

My brother and sister came to town last week to bring Nancy's work down from Napa Valley.  We planned this show, with minimum discussion about what our individual works would be about...just our own views of our family history.  We didn't see each other's new work until the installation day.  It is remarkable how well it all works together.  Nancy focused a lot on us siblings and I had more work about Mom and Dad...overall there was a nice balance.  And having both her and my brother, Jeff, here completed the Willis Family circle as we hung the art...the remaining members of our little tribe.  
The work was well-received at First Friday's opening.  Viewers related to the images, smiled, looked closely, perhaps remembering something from their childhood or family gatherings.  Some asked for the story behind a certain piece. Our family lore is well represented here.  But I love when the viewer finds their own connection...
I can't wait until our Third Friday reception, with Nancy here to meet and greet with me...I am so happy to be showing with her.  A dream come true.  Come share it with us!

(I also want to thank Scott Cerasano, for his installation expertise and support; Michelle Terry-Helmick for the fabulous upcoming reception food/beverage; and Kathi Knox, whose support in the studio allowed me to complete half of my newest works.  They say it takes a village and my villagers are the BEST!)