Thursday, May 21, 2015

Transitions and Traditions

It's been a long time since I posted.  As I noted in my last post in January, we have transitioned the Printmaking classes from their Phoenix Center home campus at 3rd Street and Moreland to the Xico, Inc facility at 1008 E. Buckeye Road.  I am not sure why but enrollment is off and it has been a bit disappointing.  I am hoping that as the word gets out that the space is great and it isn't that far away, that things will pickup.  One of the classes that has succeeded is the Wednesday afternoon Solarplate class and we are experimenting with new timings and new ways to print and ink the plates.  Joyce printed a relief/etching combo with two colors that we all loved!
Then Paulette inked ala poupee a print of Tony in South Africa.  It is so fun and exciting to see people drawing and experimenting with the diverse possibililties that solarplate allows.

The clearly most positive outcome of the move to a new facility was I was able to bring my Takach press home.  After much reorganization and with many thanks to Diana Hartley for her assistance,  I am thrilled with my luxurious home studio.

So in this cozy space I am now working on a new body of work to be presented in my next show at Five15 Arts Gallery in May 2016.  It feels good to have a year to prepare and time to experiment and learn new processes.  My printmaking buds and I will be experimenting with screen printing, diffused relief and with a stencil cutting machine.  So many exciting experiences to come and in my own home studio makes it all pretty perfect.  LIfe is good. 
Besides the work on my new show, I will be taking my third summer printmaking class at Glendale Community College for fun, community and feedback. I'm looking forward to working on projects that will also expand my printmaking vocabulary.  

Steve and I are heading to San Diego for our traditional anniversary trip and visits with the best California friends a person could want.  Also in June my brother, Jeff, is coming for a visit from North Carolina.  While his artistic pursuit is mostly musical, he will end up a pretty good printmaker too while he's in my clutches, er, care.

 If you would like to try a printmaking class, check out the offerings at or give me a call.