Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Print/Register this Saturday for Summer Classes

I finally finished the edition for the print exchange.  Shipped them off today. I have never done so much pre-printing before and feel I learned a lot about getting to the image in my head.  It surprised me a little, how hard it was, but I am really glad it worked out the way it did.  This is my 12th print exchange.  I accept invitations to be in them, or ask to be in them, because of who the organizer is - someone I respect or would like to work with; or because of the subject matter.   I consider how much time I have to create a piece...because I can't just knock off a simple print.  Four or five color linocuts are more the norm.  I have committed to another PE due in November, Your Days Are Numbered, and I already know what my image will be and that it will be a reduction linocut.

This piece would not have been completed so easily on time without the assistance of my friend, Diana Hartley.  It would have taken me 3 times longer without her help.

I haven't quite mastered the blog world and how to set stuff up exactly as I would like - yet.  But there is a blog I hold up as my model.  Sherrie York is a very talented Colorado printmaker who does amazing drawings from nature.  She writes so well, interesting mixes of "this is the print I am working on" and "this is happening in my life" and general philosophy or instruction.  I have never met her but feel like she's living an honorable life and her blogging about it inspires me.  Here is a link to it, called Brush and Baren.

Another blog I love is written by Sharon Anderson, a San Francisco artist who has branched out from painting to art management services.  Her blog, Create Your Time, has a Friday feature she recently started where she asks working artists how they make time to actually create art.  The first artist is my favorite, my sister Nancy Willis.  Here is a link to her Time to Create feature in Create Your Time.

I am teaching my first solo classes at the Phoenix Center for the Arts this summer.  Registration opens Saturday May 1st at 10:30 am.  Here is  link the online registration page.  Put in May 1, 2010 and 31 Dec 2010 in the date range and use the keyword Printmaking.  You will see the details for my 6 week Solarplate Etching class which starts 7/13 and my 8 week Reduction Linocut class which starts 6/30.


  1. It's beautiful and I am so pleased to have helped get you there!

  2. Wendy, how do you go about finding print exchanges that you feel are worth your time & effort? I did a few last year and was disappointed in the quality of the prints I received. I like the idea of swapping prints but don't know how to "filter out" the ones that are not worth the effort. I'd greatly appreciate any tips you are willing to share.

  3. Melody, I have been very lucky to have participated in 8 exchanges coordinated by Melanie Yazzie, Associate Professor at U of Colorado, Boulder. Melanie has put together a lot of exchanges and whenever she invites me, I always say yes. I was also invited by a group of Nevada printmakers, one of whom I had been following on Inkteraction, Candace Nicol, so again I said yes. I put a lot of effort into my prints and I always get them in on time. So I get invited back. Melanie has a strong group of printmakers involved in her projects, so I would contact her and ask to be put on her list. And lastly, I coordinated one myself, with the Arizona Print Group and it was fun and aggravating. Put the word out to the artists whose work you admire that you are interested in exchanges. Printmakers are so generous, I am sure you will find a connection.


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