Sunday, June 6, 2010

Escape from Windows 7

Ever since my husband installed Windows 7 on my HP laptop, I haven't been able to use my printer.  Two weeks later after many hours of online help with both HP laptop support and HP printer support they finally gave up.  Then we bought a new printer and that didn't work either but Steve found a number for Microsoft.  Several days have passed and many tests and more referrals back to HP but finally Microsoft has owned the problem.  They want to reinstall everything.  So I escaped the stress of our home office to the studio to print blissfully away on the first two colors of the SeaHorse.  The colors here don't reflect the actual colors but you get the idea.

It is our 22nd wedding anniversary today so I had to leave the sanctuary of transfer-image-carve-roll-print to go home to find out my laptop now can't read the new external hard drive on which we must back everything up before the reinstall.  AAARgh!  We chucked it all and went out for a lovely dinner where we wondered what the world would look like 22 years from now.  It is amazing what has happened in the past 22 years.  Hopefully, we will start taking better care of the planet and all its inhabitants.


  1. I've been through it all Wendy flippin computers and printers and manuals written by robots arrgghh

    I am keen to see the way you go with this reduction print because it is something I have nEVER done and I even find it difficult to work out how to plan the colors.
    best of luck !!

  2. Happy anniversary! Ugh, I hate upgrades. Retreating to the studio was a good idea. Reduction printing baffles me after about 3 colors. Thanks for letting us watch.


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