Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Monotypes

I am still getting to know AKUA inks and how they work in monotypes.  They have their good points, staying open on my palette for days, easy to clean up, and now I am learning how to predict what I will get when I roll out black for a black trap.
In this Lilly print, I printed the skin color in the first pull.  Then I rolled out pthtalo blue with transparent base and wiped out the areas I wanted to remain lighter.  The result is above.  Then I printed the hair, goggles and swimsuit in the next pull using the additive method. (Right).
I wanted a little more definition in the figure so I rolled out pthalo blue and green mixed and wiped out all but the shadows and the pool tiles.  The elbow came forward but the back arm was too bright.  The face got lost in the chest.  (Forgot to take pic.)
So I added a black trap (a layer of black ink rolled out and wiped to "trap" the color underneath.)  I changed presses and printed this one without gridlines.  So my registration was a tad off.  The ink came off lightly so I reprinted in the right place with a tighter press.  There is a bit of double edge-ing but what the heck.  The good news is the chin came forward, the back arm moved back and the elbow came closer.  It's really all just magic.

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  1. wow Wendy.......I wish I could do this process you are describing. Great result.


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