Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life as Women Artists - U of A

Last night MK and I drove to Tucson to attend a panel discussion titled "Life as Women Artists."  I wasn't sure what to expect but with the panelists being Barbara Rogers, Julie Sasse and Bailey Doogan, I was sure I wanted to hear whatever they had to say.  They came out of time when women weren't allowed to teach at the university and had to fight for their places in the art world.  But all three are highly successful and last night, very generous, artists who shared their histories, work and advice for those who aren't there yet.  What I really liked was the advice to send notes to those whose who work you admire; thank you notes to teachers who have helped guide you.  And to the women artists like Barbara and Bailey and Julie, who forged a new territory for women in a man's world, say thank you for being the trailblazers.  

David Manje and Marlys Kubicek
So I thank them.  For their bravery and tenacity and individuality.  And the most heartfelt thank you's to Jim Bridwell, Nancy Reyner,  Joe Baker, Marlys Kubicek, David Manje, Pegan Brooke, Dan Welden, Ron Pokrasso and Nancy Willis, wonderful teachers who have all had impact on the artist I am today.  I hear their voices and see their influence in my work everyday.

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