Friday, February 26, 2010


The annual open studio tour in Central Phoenix will be next weekend and Another Gallery will be full of new work, including all new monotypes and more unframed work by yours truly to entice the savvy buyer.  There is plenty of parking and the north shuttle stops in front.  We will open Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 5.  I plan to be at the Gallery for most of the event altho I may be late on Saturday as it is also our neighborhood's annual yard sale and we have been saving lots of stuff to sell. 

I will also have a few drypoint etchings to show you.  I have really started to enjoy the drypoint process and want to combine it with monotype and photopolymer etching.  This one, Green Sea Babies, is 7" x 2.5".

Art Detour is a great opportunity to get out and see a lot of local art.  I encourage all my friends and clients to come out and see what's new.  Maps are available at the Central Library, the Phoenix Art Museum, and of course at our gallery. 

And for the those who only want to see fine art prints, this Sunday,  from 2 to 4 pm many of us Arizona Print Groupers will be at the closing reception of our exhibition at the Arizona Artists Guild's new building.  The address is 18411 N. 7th Avenue which is just south of Union Hills on the east side. 

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