Monday, March 8, 2010

March First Friday/Art Detour

 The place was jumping Friday night.  Dan Moore's fans and followers came in to show the love for his wonderful photographs.  People came I haven't seen in years, happy surprises that just cheer you up.  I worked with Al Van Duyn on the Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1990; he was the promoter and I was with the City.  We had a great time back then.  So it was a highlight to see Al and Susie walk in the door.  They were sure surprised too to see me and learn that I gave up being a bureaucrat to become a printmaker.  I have put more photos up on my flickr page so check them out if you want to see who else came by.

WORKSHOP IN RENO - JUNE 19 & 20 2010
Earlier this year, I participated in a print exchange titled "Naughty, Taboo, Just Plain Wrong" put together by Candace Nicol, Vicki LoSasso and the Printmakers Conspiracy in Reno, NV.  I mean who could resist a title like that?  When I learned they were going to participate with the prints from NTJPW in an event called NadaDada Motel where artists take over rooms in some of the older motels downtown and turn them into mini art galleries, well, I just had to see it.  So my husband and I are planning a road trip to Reno in June.   Now they have invited me to come as a guest artist and do a two day Reduction Linocut workshop to which I have agreed.  I plan to get back in the studio and do some more linocuts after the past month or two of monotypes.  The event will be held at the Comstock Art Factory. 

My stepkids came home to surprise their father for his birthday.  They live in the Bay Area and are bright and funny and so much fun to have around.  I just love them so much.  They leave tomorrow and the house will not be the same.  We just love to hear them laughing, which they do quite often.  We are so lucky, plus they love each other and get along so well.  We couldn't be prouder of them.


  1. You are blessed to have such loving stepkids. Blending families is hard and I applaud you for having a harmonious family.

  2. Thanks, I was lucky from day one, about 20 years ago!


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