Thursday, March 18, 2010

Southern Graphics Council Conference

Heading EAST!
Marlys and I are flying to Philadelphia next Tuesday to attend the annual Southern Graphics Council conference. It will be 5 fun filled days all about printmaking. Sigh. If you are participating in the open portfolio, I hope to see your work. It is my favorite part of the conference. It will be wonderful to meet some of the printmakers I have only met online. Vicki LoSasso from Printmakers Conspiracy in Reno will be showing the "Naughty, Taboo, Just Plain Wrong" print exchange that I am in, during the Second Session.
I understand the weather will be in the high 50's which suits me just fine. I really hope Philly's winter days are gone. The freaky snow at my Dad's house in Cincinnati in February fulfilled all my snow longing.

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