Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day Two in Flagstaff

Before the first serious snow fall, Flagstaff showed us two lovely fall days, blue skies, and - media attention!?! Over Leroux Burgers at Charley's we discovered my monotype "Antidote" full paged in Flagstaff Live, the local paper's weekly entertainment guide! (One of Marlys' prints was pictured on the next page.) Nice!

After hanging the rest of the show Friday morning, Marlys and I met Julie Williams at the NAU Art Museum where we took in Joe Segura's "Right to Print" exhibition of fabulous prints from his studio's collection.

We then met with George Speer, the Museum Director, to present him with an edition of the Arizona Print Group "Passport Required"Print Exchange which contains a print by each of the group's 25 members. George was charming and animated with wonderful plans for the development and improvement of the Art Museum.

After our meeting, Marlys and I got to hang with our two favorite Flagstaff printmakers Julie and her husband David Williams (NAU professor of printmaking) before heading off for our First Friday opening. Special thanks to David for his assistance in getting the Print Exchange accepted by NAU. It was also great meeting their puppy, June. She is darling and already better mannered than my two.

Reception at Wil McNabb Jewelry Studio

Wil McNabb and Sue Alpern are extraordinary jewelry designers, repairers and retailers and the best hosts for artists each month. They throw a lovely reception on First Fridays. Marlys and I enjoyed the warmth of their friends, customers, residents of Flagstaff and visitors from Phoenix to the Netherlands. Thank you Wil and Sue for another fun opening and giving our art such a lovely place to hang for a month!


  1. Congratulations on this great opening - sounds like you had a great time! I love the copy of your piece in the Flagstaff Live. :)

  2. I LOVE These Teachers, of Class! MAsterMinds. Thank You For Everything!


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