Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Lino/Student Exchange

A week ago, I started a reduction linocut.  It is one I will share with my students from my workshop at Oxbow Press in Reno, and with my current class at the Phoenix Center.  The first three colors were printed with etching ink which I had at our studio.  My relief inks were locked up at the Phoenix Center and I didn't have access to them.  When I was able to use my relief inks, I noticed that they were much easier to use, more creamy and easy to rollout evenly.  (I have Daniel Smith oil based inks.)  I am also now using a little bit of Miracle Gel, also a Daniel Smith product, to help release the ink from the plate.  I am still happy with the Gomuban plates (from IMcClain's).  I wish they came in large sizes. 
With our visitors from China I haven't had much time to blog so here are images of the first 5 colors.  You will see a little fish emerging from the kelp.  I hope to print 3 more colors and get the Reno prints mailed off in time for the exchange party. 


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