Monday, July 19, 2010

New Chapter - Teaching

I am starting a new chapter in my art life.  Teaching.  After the two day workshop in Reno, I came back to Phoenix and began teaching Reduction Linocut at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.  Tomorrow I will begin teaching Solarplate Etching at our studio.  I am excited to be teaching two media in which I have worked the most with since I have begun my printmaking journey.  Marlys will be teaching general printmaking at Phoenix College in the fall and we hope our classes will feed into each other.  It would be great to grow a strong printmaking program there.  I will be offering Reduction Linocut on Saturdays beginning in October for 6 weeks at the Phoenix Center; and Solarplate Etching on Monday nights also in October for 6 weeks at the Phoenix Center.  Let me know if you are interested and I will notify you when registration opens.


  1. What a great turn of events! Love seeing you grow.

  2. Good luck with your teaching Wendy. It's so exciting - not to mention rewarding - to share your knowledge & love of printmaking with others. I know you'll get as much from your students as they do from you. Have fun!


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