Monday, August 12, 2013


I am happy to share I will be showing in Mesa at a unique event on Monday, August 26th.  My work will be on display through September 18th.  

Tango and Art Events have been ongoing since the beginning of 2013. The idea behind them is to join together different forms of Art. On one side: dancing... a beautiful form of interior expression.... and among the multiple form of dances... Tango, with its passion, musicality and elegant movements.
On the other side: printmaking, painting, photography and other forms of art that bring up artists' visions and interpretations.
A special location has been chosen for this magic mix of Art: LoFI Coffee. Here you will find a relaxed atmosphere where Art pieces can be contemplated and absorbed without rush...
A great wooden floor allows Tango dancers to dance while the Artist explains and talks about his/her own pieces.  Sensual tango music is alternated with modern and classical music to suit many different tastes.
The events are held the fourth Monday of every month from 6 pm to 9 pm at LoFi coffee 105 W Main Street Mesa.  Stefano Pappalardo is the event organizer. He is a Tango teacher and performer; he has been dancing for over 10 years and is hosting a weekly Milonga since 2012.

Come see some extraordinary dancing and my art!

Tango and Art
Water Dance
Art exhibited by Wendy Willis
WendyPhoenix printmakeris a member of Five15 Arts Gallery in Phoenix and is the Resident Artist in Printmaking at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.
 Inline image 1
Exhibition is held at
Lo-Fi Coffee in Mesa, AZ 105 W. Main Street,

Monday August 26th 6-9pm
Stefano Pappalardo, DJ& Event Coordinator
Contact us: or 480-399-2305
$5 Suggested Donation

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