Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Try Printmaking through Living Social

Living Social is now offering 3 hour printmaking workshops in April for $29 each.  These are short samples of solarplate etching and relief printmaking but individuals will be able to complete a finished print in the class.  If you have ever wanted to try your hand at art in general or printmaking specifically these classes are an easy way to give it a try.  
How it works:   You go to Living Social and find the ad for Art Classes at the Phoenix Center or click here.  You select the class and date and time that you want, then you purchase a voucher on Living Social.  Then you call the Phoenix Center for the Arts to register for a specific Living Social class.  If you have any problems, call Alissa at 602 254 3100.

While you are enjoying one of my printmaking classes in April, you can also see my solo exhibition at the Phoenix Center Gallery!  Such a bonus!!

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