Sunday, April 7, 2013


I don't usually post pictures of my whole exhibition but this space is special.  At the end of my reception Friday night, another one of teachers there sat with me in the gallery space.  It was so soothing and she commented on it.  I felt calm and happy.  Then another artist friend who had been there wrote to me and commented on the space.  She said "The exhibition space  FELT like the confines of a contained space of water........just like a swimming pool.  Did you notice?"  And I hadn't exactly.  But once she mentioned it, of course, it was plain to see.  The walls are painted a grey/blue and the movable panels which are flush to the main wall are a truer blue.  

I want to thank Warren Norgaard and Edna Dapo, the gallery managers for inviting me to show here when another show cancelled at the last minute.  I will enjoy popping in when I am teaching at the Phoenix Center this month.  The gallery is right next door to my studio/classroom.  The gallery is open now during business hours.  Check with the office staff if you want to see the show.  Or contact me for an appointment.

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  1. Oh! SO nice! I think the darkness above the blue and gray walls is very dramatic and probably adds to the "under" sense, too. Lovely!


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