Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letting off Steam

 August heat can really get to those of us who can't escape to Idaho or San Diego or Colorado.  But sometimes there is a reward for being here.  First Friday at 515 Arts Gallery was such an event.  Even with air conditioning and lots of fans, the crowds made it downright sizzling inside.  Enjoyed a nice steady stream of the most interesting people for people-watching...saw old, old friends from a past life, and some who are quickly becoming new friends.  The artists of 515 invited 5 artists to join them in showing a 12 x 12 piece and hung their little grouping together.  Prices were set by each artist.  The work ranges from $90-$600 and several pieces have already been snapped up!  I am missing a few pieces from these photos, so you have to come in to see them in person!  The gallery is open Saturdays from 1-5 and Third Friday will be a special reception from 6 to 10 pm.  All are welcome!  Friday, August 17th at 515 Arts Gallery, 515 E. Roosevelt, Phoenix, AZ

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