Thursday, August 23, 2012

Impromptu Studio Visit with Kathryn Polk

Heartbroken II
I moved too much, packed away so much and suddenly when it came time to send off my two prints which had been selected for the Water themed exhibition at Tohono Chul in Tucson, I couldn't find one of them.  Looked in the storage space with art from my last studio and all over our little apartment...not found!  Edie at  Tohono Chul was understanding and let me substitute another print.  But my delay meant I needed to drive the work down to get it there in time.  Temporarily lost is Heartbroken II.

Luckily for me, Marlys agreed to go with me and at 7:30 this morning off we headed for Tucson.  We love these girl-trip just-a-coupl'a-artists moments in time - especially since we no longer share a studio.  So we had dedicated time to catch up and collaborate over the whole life spectrum: our recent moves, our aging doggies, our upcoming one person shows at 515 Arts Gallery and our other work problems, scheduling problems, life problems.  We had an errand to run for Marlys and afterwards we decided to call Kathryn Polk and see if she would be up for lunch.  Not really, she said, but come over and say hi.  So we ended up with a lovely studio visit.  Kathryn is one of my hero artists.  Printmakers who print like crazy and contribute to the betterment of the print world through their art and educating others.  I connect to her prints on very personal levels and am awed by her drawing skill.  I follow her blog so I don't feel disconnected, but it feels so nice to get some face time in this digital age!

Kathryn Polk work in progress.
The visit was unplanned and provided such a fun, rich memory - seems everytime we go to Tucson we have this kind of experience.  So thanks to Kathryn for letting us come and hang out and ogle her fabulous art and artifacts (appropriated this photo from her website  LOVE her.  Beautiful inside and out, funny, smart and a highly talented printmaker/painter.

We left her to print and had lunch at Feast on Speedway (OMG that was wonderful!) and dropped off my prints at Tohono Chul.  We drove home with big puffy white clouds dotting the big, blue sky.

It was a good day.  Oh yeah, Steve and I also bought a house today.  The seller agreed to our counteroffer and signed on the dotted line!  More on this later. 

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