Sunday, June 5, 2011

Short Trip - San Diego

San Diego from Harbor Island

Anthony's, San Diego Bay
San Diego feels like home to us. We are back for a visit and already we are more relaxed. The desert looked particularly brown and unattractive this time. That's hard for this desert lover to say. I usually see the beauty in it. But this trip seemed different. I was amazed to see the border fence so close to the dunes just past Yuma - never realized how close Mexico is to Interstate 8. Then as we were coming out of El Centro we saw this haze ahead. We couldn't tell if it was moisture or smog or what and then as we entered it - duh!!! It was smoke from a wildfire south of Jacumba in the mountains. The news here in San Diego isn't even covering it since it pales to the Willow fire in AZ. Scary and sad, no matter where the fires are. 

So sighting the beautiful San Diego Bay as we headed south on Interstate 5 made us very happy. We checked into the downtown hotel and headed back out to Anthony's for dinner. After dinner I tried out my new low light camera and I must admit, the pics look pretty good to me.

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