Sunday, May 29, 2011

Solarplate Workshop Deli June 20-25 2011 and Open Studio in July/Aug

"I've Got You"
This is a reminder that there is still space available for the Solarplate Workshop Deli at my studio, Bilancia, in Phoenix. Class size is small and there will be lots to learn in a friendly and encouraging environment. Come for a day or two or five...From $100-400. I refer you to a detailed blogpost from March here with more details about the workshop. Please be aware I have changed the order of menu items, reversing working from a drawing to Monday and from photos on Tuesday.

Contact me at to reserve your space soon.

Takach Press

With Marlys away for 7-8 weeks, I am offering open studio time for those of you who need access to a press. From $25-40 for 4 hours, depending on how much assistance you will need, plus materials for the following dates:
FRIDAY July 8th
SUNDAY July 10th
MONDAY July 11th
FRIDAY July 15th
SATURDAY July 16th
SUNDAY July 17th
MONDAY July 18th
FRIDAY July 22nd
SATURDAY July 23rd
SUNDAY July 24th
MONDAY July 25th

FRIDAY August 12th
SATURDAY August 13th
SUNDAY August 14th
MONDAY August 15th

Availability may change.  Contact me to schedule a session at

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