Thursday, March 17, 2011

From St Louis

Diana Hartley and I are in St. Louis for the Southern Graphics Council conference - a heaven for printmakers!  Several other Arizona Printmaking Group members are here - Audrey Van Kirk, Linda Haas and we ran into Leslie Parsons just as she arrived at the hotel.  Haven't seen Joe Marshall yet but may run into him today. 

We went to the opening party last night at the Washington University Art Museum which has several print shows including a wonderful exhibition of Elizabeth Peyton prints.  If I were a painter I would want to paint like her.  We ran into Dan Welden there and got a big hug and more cudos for our (22.5 foot long) print.  He asked where is it hung and we told where to look for it(Bixby Hall, 2nd Floor).  We will see it today ourselves for the first time.

We took the shuttle back at the hotel; when I stepped off the bus I heard someone calling my name and  there was the beautiful shining face of Ms Melanie Yazzie.  One's heart can't feel anymore full when in her presence.  Someone in the elevator later said she was the absolute center of printmaking (in this country).  I think so too.

So we are off to a good start!


  1. Wonderful post, Wendy, thank you! I miss you all and I look forward to any news and photos you're able to send along. Have a blast!


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