Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Star Filled Day

After oversleeping in the morning and dragging through our morning victuals, we finally hit the product fair around 10:30 am.  We wasted no time in supporting many artist/papermakers in Japan with paper purchases from the Japanese Paper Place, Hiromi Paper and Awagami Factory.  Then came new linocutting tools from McClains, a long chat with Dan Welden about teaching my solarplate workshop and a quick chat with Clark (Melanie's hubby) at the AKUA booth and a happenstance rendevous with other Print Groupers:  Audrey, Linda and Joe.  None of us had seen
Our print w/ Linda,Diana,Audrey,Leslie, Joe and Wendy
our print on display so we decided to all go together so we could get a group shot.  Just as we were heading downstairs (location change to ground floor of Steinberg Hall) we saw Leslie Parsons.  We got our group shot.  I was disappointed it wasn't under plexiglass as I was told it would be but the feedback from people has been quite favorable.

History of America
History of America
We then checked out all the other portfolios on display.  We loved the idea and complexity of the History of America.  Each artist was assigned a year beginning in 1774 and the total project will require each artist to do a print of 7 different years.  The two people I know in this group, Melanie Yazzie and Candace Nicol are two of the most prolific earthmother/printmakers around. 
Digital Wunderkammer
Farming at the Edge of Equilibrium
Another portfolio that was impressive was called Digital Wunderkammer.  Indeed.  Each artist created a digital image and then all the artists used their own and/or other's images to create the work in this portfolio.  My favorite a Polk print, which I believe is Andy's (shown here on the right.  Katherine's prints showed up in several portfolios...must add her to my earthmother/printmaker list. 
We were also surprised by the portfolio about Farmville.  It didn't sound interesting in the catalog but seeing the prints totally changed our minds. 
Artemio Rodriguez and Groupie

So many prints, so little time.

There were a couple of panels we would have seen but I learned that Artemio Rodriguez, my favorite relief printer, was carving and printing everyday at Tom Huck Evil Prints.  So Joe, Diana and I headed there this afternoon where we found Artemio carving away on a woodcut.  I apologetically interrupted his work, told him he was my hero and how we used his work as examples to our students of carving techniques. We talked a little about Phoenix.  I asked him if Los Manos was gone forever, his studio in Los Angeles and he said it was just now opening again...He's going to be teaching there.  Just to be able to meet him today - I was so happy.  I explained that we wanted to attend the event Saturday night when his prints would be for sale and he offered us a first pick today.  OMG.  I now own several Artemio prints!
Tom Huck Evil Prints
Tom Huck's print studio is a warehouse converted into the most wonderful printmaker's heaven.  It is a huge space with everything a relief printmaker or screenprinter could want.  They were setting up for a big printmaking smackdown taking place tonight between the Dirty Printmakers and the Bastards of Printmaking.  Sounds fun, doesn't it?  Way past my bedtime though.  Check out this link for more info about Evil Prints.

Dan Welden and friend

And we still had one more event to take in - the reception for Dan Welden's one person show at the beautiful St Louis Artist Guild building.  We made it there just in the nick of time before the last shuttle left.  Dan's prints looked great.  It feels like home whenever he's around.  
So many stars today.  Tomorrow it will be about the women...

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