Sunday, August 22, 2010


The past four weeks were plum full of visitors who partook themselves of the joys of playing in the water of our swimming pool.  World travelers and locals, the enjoyment found in water play is universal.  The Chinese kids were teenagers 14 to 16.  One determined Chinese girl learned to swim in just two days.  It was amazing to watch her overcome her fear and practice in the shallow end before venturing off into the deep end.  I am sure you can draw your own analogy to life here.   Anyway, she was 14 and apparently you learn to swim in China at 15.
The Dutch girls visiting my neighbor with their parents,  reminded me of myself on vacation with my parents.  I lived underwater.  They too were in the pool next door whenever the could.   The twins were 8 years old and the eldest was 10 (if my addled brain remembers correctly.) The girls didn't speak English but underwater you can clearly understand what's being communicated. 
My local friends Diana and Daisy, 9, came for a photo session.  It was my first time meeting Daisy and she was a little tentative at first.  But she was totally game and we had a blast.  No one wanted to get out of the pool...we floated around with the satisfied/happy/tired feeling of an afternoon well spent.
After each session with the visitors, it always ended the same.  Looking at the photos on the computer.  Laughter abounds, groans and teasing...It makes me sad that summer is almost over.  But I have hundreds of memories/photos to inspire lots of art.  Thank you to all my swimmer friends.  It's been wonderful sharing the water with you.

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  1. wow!!!
    lovely pictures~
    i suppose to take pictures under water one day~
    it looks wonderful!
    and don't be sad, there's always new friends that can bring you laughter


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