Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Printmaking classes at the Phoenix Center of the Arts are moving to a new facility, operated by Xico, Inc. a community arts organization located at 1008 E. Buckeye Road.  This is about 2 miles/6 minutes south and east of the Phoenix Center. (Take 7th Street south, past the ballpark, 2 traffic signals and turn left).  The building pictured is the destination - the yellow space shown is my classroom!  New, lots of windows, light and space AND a 30 x 60 inch Takach press!
Plus there is a great view of downtown Phoenix. 

The move is effective in January - the Wednesday night What a Relief! class on the 7th will be the very first Phoenix Center class at Xico!  The registration process will remain the same - online here or in person at the Main Phoenix Center at 3rd Street and Moreland.  The only change is the location of the classes.
Classes offered in this first semester include Relief, Reduction Relief, Monotype, Collagraph and some limited Open Studio sessions.  Check out the schedule online for more details.  Classes are small so register soon to assure a space in this beautiful new facility!

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