Friday, December 7, 2012

Phoenix Center for the Arts - Teaching Update


It's been awhile since I had students with no art training.  Tonight I had four and their solarplate etchings were all so different and successful that it made me love printmaking all the more.  It was a "Try Me" class at the Phoenix Center for the Arts and offered through Groupon.  They brought in photos, we discusseD the best ones to use, used a copy machine to size and adjust the density, and made transparencies from which the plates were made.  Then they inked, wiped and printed editions of two.  Three hours and done.  I am hoping they got the print bug, even a little.


Yesterday I had a makeup session for a "Try Me" relief class and my student chose a challenging image of someone's dearly departed pet poodle.  She had a great attitude and understood that even if it isn't perfect, it  is an artistic interpretation that in the end really looked great.  Another really nice first effort.  Cute, isn't it?


I am teaching 5 week sessions of Relief and Solarplate at different times and dates so check out the schedule and see if any fit into your schedule.  Click here to see the offerings.


The teachers at the Phoenix Center are featured in the Art Gallery this month.  The reception is 7-9 pm Friday night which is also the kickoff  to the Phoenix Festival of the Arts.  Come by to see the art and
stop in the print studio.  I will be printing for fun tomorrow night!

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