Sunday, November 18, 2012

Third Friday Reception at Five15 Arts Gallery

I had a great time at the reception last night.  IN, OUT AND UNDER received lots of positive comments and I felt gratified.  I appreciate my friends, students and collectors, for coming to share in my excitement and visit a spell.  I was especially happy that Daisy and Lindsay came with their families.  These kids provided me with two days of fun in my pool, while I took pics of their play and enjoyment of just being in cool water on a hot day.  Here are some photos from last night.


My favorite muse, Daisy, in front of two prints she inspired me to make.

My latest muse, Lindsay, in front of her underwater image.

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  1. Excellent! How great for both you AND your young muses to see all the work together and enjoy such a positive response. The installation looks beautiful.


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