Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Classes Session 2 Coming Soon

One more color to print
We have one week left in the first session and I am happy to report completed editions for all students will be achieved!   Two color reduction relief is a great introduction for the newcomer and our two rookies this session will have wonderful prints to show for their first experience.

"Mystic Rib" by Nancy Burns

The second session is still open for registration.  Classes begin Saturday, July 14th and continue every Saturday through August 11th.  (9am-12pm.)  
This is a great introduction to what can be a complicated process.   All you need is a simple image, sized to 6 x 8 inches and you are ready to begin!  You can work from a drawing or a photograph (but be sure it is a photo you have taken).

Click HERE to go to the registration site for the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

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