Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Little Relief - The Opening

Last night was the opening reception for the exhibition Marlys and I put together of all 6 x 8 inch reduction relief prints.  Wil McNabb Jewelry Studio changes out the art every month and puts on a nice little spread for First Friday's Artwalk.  Sue Alpern is responsible for the art at Wil's and has a great eye when it comes to hanging the shows.  Marlys and Sue laid it all out Thursday night and did the hanging Friday morning.  Diana Hartley, Marlys and I framed all 22 pieces earlier in the week and they looked great with uniform frames and sizes.

I have been teaching workshops in Nevada, California and Arizona and invited some of my "students" to submit prints for this show.  My students have ranged from the inexperienced to MFA's in printmaking.  I love how some people will learn a process and then just run with it. 

And people responded to the work.  It is accessible and eyecatching.  They are all curious about how it is made and impressed when they learn how challenging it can be.  David Williams, the printmaking teacher at Northern Arizona University, was impressed.  He said he would send his students to see the show because they are covering this medium in one of his classes. 

Here is a link to see more photos from the opening.

People kept pouring in, driven out of the heat of the desert to the high country cooler weather.  We came up on Thursday, late afternoon, and immediately felt happy to step out of the car.  After the show was laid out, we headed to Charleys for Burgers and Tiramisu with Marlys and Roger and Sue and Wil.

David and Julie
Friday was a lazy morning and then we headed for a wonderful lunch at Josephine's with Marlys and Roger, Diana and Mike and David and Julie.  Julie's prints were on the walls of the dining room we were in and David's prints were in the room next door.  It felt perfect.  And the fried green tomato sandwich was to die for.  After lunch we ended up back at David and Julie's where they graciously let us oooh and ahhh over all the prints on their walls as well as the work they have recently completed.  Julie's reduction woodcuts are inspirational and David's etchings are often weird but funny and poignant - but all masterful.  David and Julie are more of a draw for me than the cooler weather.  It is great to be able to talk about technical problems or new materials with such experienced printmakers.   (And they have a great dog named June!)

It's been a great little escape but now we must head back south.  Time to hit the studio for more art making!

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