Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good Boy

For the past five months we have had a loaner dog at the studio.  His human mother arrived on a friend's doorstep after being homeless and living in her car with Hoover for several weeks.  Our friend found a shelter for the woman but they wouldn't take the dog.  So we did.  He's a 14 year old boxer mix and while the weather was good, he lived in our backyard and laundry room.  He was always happy to see us and everyone who printed at Bilancia, would go out for a visit with Hoover.  When it got cold, we let him into the studio where our bonding further gelled.  We got him a big bed so he could lay at our feet between us in the classroom.  He has been a happy, appreciative resident. 
Hoover's Mom has worked hard and found a new place to stay and we just learned he can stay there with her.  She took him home today.  Our hearts are broken a little.  We will miss him terribly. 

HOOVER, Good Boy

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  1. Wendy so enjoyed reading over your do such a great job...
    and it was like I was there w/ you at SGC! Thanks
    PS tried to tag you in a note I wrote on FB but couldn't find you?S.Marquez


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