Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your Days Are Numbered Print Exchange

I finished my print today, for the Your Days Are Numbered print exchange.  Todd Christensen of New Mexico Highlands University is the organizer.  I met Todd at the Southern Graphics Council conference in Chicago two Marches ago.  I had been in another print exchange with him organized by Melanie Yazzie, so I recognized his name when I saw him there.  I am curious to see who else is in this exchange but look forward to seeing the work by the other artists whoever they are.  The size is 10" x 22" and this print is titled "Heart Broken."

I printed a few extra from the first color pull in a greener version, to play around with later.  I wanted to experiment with different color variations to see how to get the figure to pop out.  But I am happy with this two color version.  It took me awhile to carve the (golden cut) linoleum after having used Gomuban for my last 4 reduction prints.  But the Gomuban didn't come in a size large enough to accommodate the 22" image requirement.  Gomuban is the name of the product at McClain's.  The same product is available at Graphic Chemical but they call it Blue Vinyl.   I asked Dean Clark if he could get it in a larger size and he said he would check on his next trip to Japan (where this product originates).

My next two projects are exchanges due in January.  Both will utiltize solarplates.  So I will be switching hats, after a few days of play with the remaining relief prints.


  1. I'm supposed to be in it and I COMPLETELY forgot about it. I had the plates already to go to...Good thing he extended the deadline, I think he did didn't he?

  2. How do you find such great print exchanges? I enjoy participating in them but the few I've been a part of often fall short of my expectations of a level of quality. I would love it if you would share your secret to finding quality exchanges.

  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, thanks for seeing the show. Beautiful prints Wendy!!!!

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Have you heard anything about this print exchange .... I sent mine in but haven't heard back from the organizer.

  5. Candace,
    I contacted Todd via Facebook email in March and asked him what the status was and he said "still making the boxes for the portfolio." I am really excited to see these too.


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