Saturday, April 3, 2010

ASU Visit/Visiting Artist

When we ran into Mary Hood at SGC last week she invited us to visit ASU while Annette Olsen Caspeller, an artist from Copenhagen, was in town to work with Mary for the week. So Thursday Marlys, Janet and I took her up on her offer. I had never been to the ASU Art Building before and enjoyed seeing how everything was set up. We talked to Annette while she was printing a large reduction linocut and learned she was printing a variable edition, which was new for her. She was varying the ink on two of the 3 or 4 colors she had planned to print. On the first runs she printed the lightest color in gray and then added a little blue until the last which was all blue. Then on her third color she varied the brown to a purple color. I love that the printmaking teacher, Mary, (shown here on right with another student) was teaching Annette to "break the rules" and mix it up.

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  1. Ah... breaking the rules. It's harder to do than we think sometimes, isn't it?


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